A short cyberpunk RPG for four players and a GM

About BioMet Infection

The BioMet Infection is a cyberpunk RPG for 4 players and a Master,
inspired by John Harper's Lady Blackbird, based on mechanics vaguely
resembling Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World.
In a few pages, the game contains the background setting, in classic cyberpunk
style, the adventure seed, the characters' sheets to play with, and the
instruction for the Master. This is all you need for a few sessions of play.


A known scientist is found dead; his body is revealed to be the one of a mutant, and the agent in charge of the case is mysteriously killed. An unknown virus called BioMet is spreading into cybernetic implants like a cancer. The sprawl is in turmoil, divided between criminals, cyberpunks and mutant rebels. Multiple reports indicate the appearance of the so-called MetZ, once humans, now infected cyborgs. Four special agents are called to investigate.


Each player will receive one of the four pregenerated characters
Dan Nabot (philosopher and former priest)
Eric Hooper (detective and former cop)
Lysa K. (hacker and former fraudster)
Adam Newborn (mutant and former military)

Download files

PDF manual and Character sheets

Download Get by mail

Dan Nabot Eric Hooper Lysa K. Adam Newborn


Lady Blackbird (John Harper) & Apocalypse World (Vincent Baker)
Cover Art is the work of Andrieri Stefano
Inside Artwork from Decepticoin and Florian de Gesincourt
Many thanks to Tommaso Galmacci and Joe Querio that allowed me to use their artwork for the Characters Portraits, since the very beginning of this project
Lysa K. artwork from Richard Spake