Black Dogs Fanzine

OSR fanzine compatible with LotFP
and other OSR retro-clones

Issue I: December 2017

Issue I contains: a presentation, a few house-rules,
including character creation, an introductory adventure in Flussburg,
a couple of magic trees, some undead and trolls

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Issue II: February 2018

Issue II contains: how to portray the world, rules for
encumbrance and gear, guidelines on dice rolls, short
adventure seeds for improvisation, witches and smart zombies!

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Issue III: April 2018

Issue III contains: adventures' structure, tables to
generate new adventures, a few adventure hooks, house-rules
for combat and healing, and creatures, creatures, creatures

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Issue IV: June 2018

Issue IV contains: guidelines about social interactions with NPCs,
instructions for designing NPCs, skills and experience house-rules,
an adventure on a dangerous mountain pass, advice on setting up a campaign

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Issue V: August 2018

Issue V contains: short house-rules for sorcery,
the Turn-Dice rules for the GM, complete summary of all Black Dogs rules,
character sheets for your campaign, characters’ careers for quicker char-gen

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Issue VI: October 2018

Issue VI contains: instructions for Saves, skill and rolls
conversion from LotFP, medical herbs, common and rare, more details
about many creatures and a few alternative tables for adventures

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Issue VII: December 2018

Issue VII contains: creatures that are not elves, some words
about dwarfs, quick-start adventuring gear, an adventure
in Balthergar and some swamp monsters

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Issue VIII: April 2019

Issue VIII contains: using dead monsters, a new alchemy subsystem,
removing hit-points and using only HD, a mini-system for Blood Magic,
how not to use goblins in your game, and the adventure of the Broken Hill

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