The Crying Hack

Yet another game inspired by The Black Hack


The Crying Hack is a collection of houserules making up yet,
another hack of The Black Hack (by David Black),
and inspired by the Crying Blades.


The game introduces a few innovations, such as a random talents
system for the various classes, attributes-based saving throws, Gift
score for re-rolls and multiclassing, a special melee roll that resolves
attack and defense with a single roll, special rolls for Turns-based
exploration and encounters, Hirelings, etc.


Combat is faster than usual: a single d20 roll determines
(using the traditional AAC) both if the character hits the monster,
and if the monster hits the character. This reduces the number
of rounds where both would miss and makes combat fast and bloody.

More Info

Sorcery and clerical blessings do not require to memorize spells
but use a simple count to determine how many can be cast per day.
The leveling up system is simple and all classes need the same
amount of XP per level. Sorcerers and Clerics, though, need to pay XP
to improve their power-matrix and to acquire new spells.


The game is finally out of its beta stage
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