A dark and low-fantasy RPG for one player and one GM

About Demon~marked

Demon~marked is a Role Playing Game set in the fantastic world of Grama. It's built to be a low-magic and dark-fantasy kind of game, although it has a serious touch of epic-fantasy in it, since the Player will impersonate aDemon~marked. Demon~marked is a game for two players: one Player will impersonate the Character (the Demon~marked) while the other will be the Master, running the game mechanics, the world events, all NPCs etc. in a classic RPG way.


This is an age ruled by Chaos Legions and by Dark Overlords, where nights last long, and days are gray and short. It's an age of despair and division. The Dark Overlords are countless and countless are their servants: humans and beasts, monstrous hybrids and Demons Callers. The only law in the world of Grama is Chaos. But a few warriors still fight: they are the Demon~marked. Bound to a demon, they fear not to raise their weapons against evil.

Rules overview

In 14 pages, the manual contains the rules for the basic mechanics for actions and combat. The game is played only with white and black D6, with the Demon possession symbolized by the black dice. With the setting and the rules, you can find two pregenerated characters, and instructions to build new ones. The GM will direct the adventure with the help of Acts and Scenes structured by a point-based mechanism, and pregenerated enemies.


Demons' Stories is a supplement for the Demon~marked role playing game, written together with Abraham Zetina Perez. This module contains: * two new pregenerated Demon~marked characters, * three Dark Overlords (the main enemies for the Demon~marked characters) with several Chaos creatures to use in the adventures, * three quick-start situations for your adventures, * a few game-play examples, * a special bonus character. See below in the downloads


Lady Blackbird (John Harper) and Solar System (Eero Tuovinen)

All the beautiful artwork is from Jorn Zimmermann
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