Drunken Dwarfs

A party game of dwarfs... and beer! Real beer!!


Drunken Dwarfs is a story-game to be played with your friends
over a few beers. Each of you will play the role of a proud and
bragging dwarf, sitting at a table at the inn. Together, you will
tell the tales of the incredible deeds of your band of adventurers,
boast of your successes and at the same time smear and make fun of
your companions... drinking beer as by the rules!


The game is fast and simple, based on players challenging each other.
Every challenge - of course - is resolved by drinking beer!
But be careful: you need to drink enough beer to beat your opponent
but you need to save enough to respond to challenges, and win enough
challenges to aim to the final victory!


Each player will use one of the play-mats - and on those
you will also find a summary of the rules plus several
suggestions to get you started with your stories and tales.
All play-mats are full color, with a large illustration of
a different dwarf - or 'dwarfess'.


Here are some picture of the Italian version of the game

Sample play-mat

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4

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Game concept and design: Davide Pignedoli
Illustrations and graphics: Claudio Casini
Produced by Ludus Magnus Studio