an HeroQuest fanzine
advendures, campaigns, rules, monsters, etc

Issue I: September 2020

Issue I contains: a presentation, a usable summary
of the traditional rules, a bonus Quest Zero,
three new beginner Quests, a new little rule


Issue II: November 2020

Issue II contains: an updated summary of the rules,
three new Quests in the realm of the Undead,
a fourth Quest adventuring deeper down, double doors rule


Issue III: January 2021

Issue III contains: an updated summary of the rules,
three new Quests against the emissaries of Chaos,
a fourth Quest against the Mad King, initiative rules


Issue IV: April 2021

Issue IV contains: rules for exploration phase and endless dungeons,
missions or themes for dungeons in organized random tables,
random rooms, monsters, corridors, traps, secrets, etc.


Issue V: June 2021

Issue V contains: new characters sheets for each hero,
a simple experience and advancement system for heroes,
basic encumbrance system with movement penalty


Issue VI: August 2021

Issue VI contains: some RPG and gaming advice,
a bestiary of old and new monsters, including champions or
shamans, and special abilities for many adversaries


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