A Land Of Ice And Blades

A fantasy land on the verge of civil war


A game about intrigue and adventures, about the deeds of single
characters and the struggles of entire populations, about the fate of
lonely heroes and the destinies of nations and tribes.
Powered by the Apocalypse game system, with additional twists,
with new moves to handle scenes, episodes, seasons and a rotating GM role.

How It Works

The game starts with some world-building done all together at the table,
then it runs with a set of "table moves" that dictate the times of scenes,
episodes and seasons, and with a rotating Game Master. Those table moves are
built as standard AW-moves: they tell you when to trigger them, and what to do.

Characters and Tribes

Every player has a character to portray, and to roleplay within
the story. But there are also tribes, cultures and populations to
use as fictional instruments for your story. And everything is new every
time you play: characters, tribes, and also the map of your land.


Someone has called this "a land of crunch and blades".
It is true: the game contains a lot of material and a lot of moving
parts; it's not as straight forward and immediate as other AW hacks.
If for you this is too much work, no problem! If on the other hand you
enjoy options, crunch, complex structures, lists and so on, welcome!


The beta manual is available as usual as Pay What You Want
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