Maelstrom Dreamers

Two players: the Maelstrom and the Dreamer. A world after the apocalypse
Diceless resolution, and a community salvation depending on your dreams

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A bunch of unlikely heroes

A very simple RPG with a taste for sword and sorcery,
mixed with guided chargen and a brief predefined scenario

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Silent Dungeon

A dungeon delving RPG almost entirely explained with graphics
For the 200 Word RPG Challenge


The BioMet Infection

BioMet Infection is a short cyberpunk RPG for four players and a GM

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A dark and low-fantasy RPG for one player and one GM

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Alphas and Betas

We never sit idle. There's always something new... As soon as we've got anything playable, betas show up in this dedicated page. Have a look at the Crying Blades OSR, Xpandables, Fate of Heroes, A Land of Ice and Blades...