About Daimon Games

Daimon Games is mostly Davide Pignedoli, game author
This site hosts finished games or various static content
Check the blog for recent news and work in progress

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An unofficial HeroQuest fanzine, for the board game
Adventures, campaigns, rules, monsters, and various materials
FEAR the DARK is published for free

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Black Dogs 'zine

Unofficial OSR fanzine for Lamentations of the Flame Princess
House-rules, materials, adventures and monsters
Issue One is free, so go get it!

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My OSR Stuff

This past year I gamed and wrote mostly about OSR
Check out The Crying Blades, The Crying Hack and other adventures


The City Of Judas

A fantasy AW hack with medieval mercenaries in Jerusalem
Published by Dreamlord Press and avail. on Rpgnow and Drivethrurpg

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Other games

A few small games we've put together in the past; available
for free or anyway cheap enough. Have a look at Maelstrom Dreamers,
Unlikely Heroes, the Silent Dungeon, BioMet Infection and Demon~marked


Alphas and Betas

We never sit idle. There's always something new... As soon as we've got anything playable, betas show up in this dedicated page Have a look at the Crying Blades OSR, Xpandables, Fate of Heroes, A Land of Ice and Blades...