About Daimon Games

Daimon Games used to be mostly Davide Pignedoli, game author
Let's welcome now Claudio Casini, graphic and illustrator

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Drunken Dwarfs

A party game of dwarfs... and beer. Real beer!
Now available in English! On sale on Ludus Magnus Studio

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The Crying Hack

A new hack of David Black's The Black Hack
dark fantasy, fast and easy, bloody and messy houserules

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The City Of Judas

A fantasy AW hack with medieval mercenaries in Jerusalem
Published by Dreamlord Press and avail. on Rpgnow and Drivethrurpg

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Other games

A few small games I've put together in the past
For free, or anyway cheap enough. Have a look at
Maelstrom Dreamers, Unlikely Heroes, BioMet Infection and Demon~marked


Alphas and Betas

We never sit idle. There's always something new... As soon as we've got anything playable, Alpha and Beta versions show up in this dedicated page
Have a look at Silent Dungeon, Xpandables and Fate of Heroes